The Girl Behind the Lens

Hi there, I'm Bridget, a natural light photographer located in the coastal San Diego area of Southern California. I've fallen in love with San Diego, but I am not a native to this region. I grew up in a small town in New England, where I discovered my passion for photography when I was a teen. Back then we were still using real film and developing negatives in an actual dark room! I immediately fell in love with the art and intimacy of it all. From there I decided to continue learning the craft and chose to major in graphic design/photography in college. By the time I graduated, technology had progressed away from film, and I had migrated from a physical dark room to a digital one. It was a big change, but I embraced it. One of the biggest stress relievers in my life right now is getting to sit down and edit my clients photos. 

After starting my family and having children, my passion for photography grew. Since they were babies, I have been capturing precious moments in their lives and turning them into beautiful photographic keepsakes that I will cherish forever. That is the reason I decided to start my photography business. I want to share my talent with other families who want the same thing that I do; lasting memories of their loved ones that they can hold on to for years. If you're just beginning your journey as new parents, sending your last baby off to college or just wish to capture all those sweet stages in between, I want to be there to help preserve those moments for you. 

So what are you waiting for? Send me a message and let's book a session!